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Welcome to my Website – the purpose of which is to provide helpful information on non-mainstream, or adventure type, travel in the Southeast Asia Region

Background: Since 2012, when I first started the Megaworld Asia website, I’ve logged a lot of km around South East Asia; including multiple trips to Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. During that time, I’ve explored dozens of caves, hiked up volcanoes, trekked to some amazing waterfalls, and visited a number of remote historical temple sites.

Adventure travel information: The content of the Megaworld Asia website is primarily directed at independent travelers, seeking adventure and sightseeing experiences in non-mainstream tourist areas in the South East Asian Region. To keep you informed and up-to-date I do my best to provide accurate, in-depth and current information, bolstered by professional quality photographs and, more recently, YouTube Videos.


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Getting Off the Beaten Track

It’s an opportunity to get off the beaten track of the tourist beaches and air-conditioned restaurants, that so many seem to hardly move beyond, and get to some of the more remote, and interesting, locations of this varied and diverse landscape. And the fact is getting off the beaten track isn’t all that difficult, if you’ve got access to the right information and plan things correctly.

Travel Guides

I've written dozens of PDF travel guides for many destinations in South East Asia. They contain lots of info to enable you to plan your trip including direct links to google maps, travel and accommodation, activities, videos, car rentals and more.

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Cruising the Spectacular Halong Bay

Cruising the Spectacular Halong Bay

Cruising the spectacular Halong Bay: This is a mainstream tourist destination, in the north of Vietnam, which is normally on most people’s bucket list of must see attractions. Because of its popularity, and the inevitable crowding, it was a place I’d tended to avoid. With late May being the off season, I decided to bite the bullet and booked a 4 day/3 night tour to Halong bay and the nearby Cat Ba Island. Note: Halong Bay is also an extremely popular sightseeing destination for the locals.  The place tends to get packed out on weekends and the school holidays.

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BATTAMBANG is an off the beaten track location which a lot of people tend to miss. Most likely because getting there involves a lengthy road trip from either Siem Reap, or Phnom Penh. For those who can put up with the lengthy road travel there’s some interesting sightseeing locations, just a few km outside the city. The highlight attraction being BAT CAVE exodus at Phnom Sampow Mountain.

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CAMBODIA 2024: Discover the magic of Kampot.

CAMBODIA 2024: Discover the magic of Kampot.

Kampot is a coastal province located approximately 150 km southwest of Phnom Penh. Due to the over-development of nearby Sihanoukville, it’s becoming more popular with foreign tourists (and residing expats) looking for a more idyllic (less developed) location to spend some time on the southern coast of Cambodia. The main attractions are the riverfront area (eastern side), the nearby BOKOR NATIONAL PARK, and some interesting cave sites to the east of the city.

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