Exploring The Rock Viewpoint in Laos

What’s happening at the Rock Viewpoint: A lot has happened at the Rock Viewpoint since it first opened in December 2019. The COVID era may have slowed things down for a while but the development, since its humble beginnings four years ago, is impressive. The primary adventure activity is still the zip-line circuit. However, the original five line circuit has now been extended to fifteen and includes a climbing section, caving, a canopy walk, and abseiling. For those up for the challenge, there’s also a 120 meter abseil into a vertical cave (Tham Phong). Additionally, there’s a couple of excellent adventure cave tours available. Note: The Rock Viewpoint is an adventure activity base on Hwy # 8 (the top of the loop) owned and operated by GREEN DISCOVERY LAOS. For the location of the Rock Viewpoint, click this LINK.

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The Rock Viewpoint Adventure Base.

Loas Rock Viewpoint Zip-Line Circuits Information

There is actually three zip-line circuits on offer. For most loopers the basic five line circuit is still the popular choice, due to price and time considerations. The basic circuit takes approximately 2 – 3 hours to complete and is priced at US 30 per person. The intermediate circuit has some extra zip-lines and can be completed in four hours. The price for the intermediate circuit is US 60 per person. The ultimate zip-lining and adventure experience is the Rock Challenge. This is a full day (8 hours) adventure which includes:

  • Fifteen zip-lines (90 – 480 meter spans).
  • A spider net bridge crossing (62 meter span).
  • A Via Feratta climb to a high point giving a 360 degree view.
  • Forrest canopy walks (total = 2130 meters).
  • A 30 meter abseil down a cliff
  • A 50 meter cave penetration
  • A suspended bridge crossing (80 meter span)
  • A V-shaped rope bridge crossing (10 meters)

The price for the full day challenge is US 90 per person.

The view over the zip-line circuit area (aka The Limestone Forest).

Trekking Through The Rock Viewpoint Nature Trail In Loas

For those looking for something a bit more sedate than the zip-line circuits, a 650 meter nature trail has been installed. The trail is constructed of steel and timber and is configured in a loop which takes you down into the karst terrain, via a series of stairways and boardwalks. The best time for doing the nature trail is late in the afternoon (16:30 – 17:00) as this is the best time for a sighting of the Languors (Monkeys) which live in the area. The price for the nature trail is 50,000 Laotian Kip per person.

The nature trail through the limestone forest at the Rock Viewpoint.

Visiting Unique Restuarants In Laos – The Khop Chai Deu Restaurant

For those who just want to chill out and watch the sunset, with a cold Beer Lao, the restaurant/cafe has a fantastic viewing platform providing a magnificent panorama across the limestone forest. The restaurant also has an excellent menu and great coffees.

Chill out with a coffee at the Khop Chai Deu Restaurant and Cafe.

Or enjoy a cold Beer Lao or two, and watch the sun set over the limestone forest.

Unique Capsule Accommodation At The Rock Lodge, Laos

For those who want to stay a bit longer (overnight or an extended stay) the ROCK LODGE has some unique accommodation. The Capsules are twin bunk, air-conditioned accommodation which seem to be a good fit for the forested location. Capsules without showers and toilets are priced at US 40 a night (note: there’s a communal shower and toilet block for these capsules). Capsules with inbuilt showers and toilets are US 50 per night.

Capsule styled accommodation at the Rock Lodge.

A Brief Guide To Visiting Nang Long Cave In laos

One of the best adventure activities available at the Rock is the Nang Long Cave tour. Green Discovery have their own adventure cave site, which has been fully developed for a safe tour. The tour starts with a thirty minute hike through farmland and forests before a short ascent to the cave entrance. Because the cave is contracted to Green Discovery, there are locked gates at each end to ensure no unsupervised adventurers can enter. From the entry gate, a stairway takes you down to a series of net bridges, which span a void. All sightseers are required to be clipped on to a span wire, with a double lanyard, when crossing the net bridges. Once off the net bridges, you unclip and enter the upper section of the cave. This takes around 30 minutes to complete before arriving at the peak challenge of the tour: a 20 meter abseil down to the river.

Note: There’s only 10 meters of free fall before touching a sloping rock face down to the riverbed. The Green Discovery guides will set everything up for you, and provide instruction, to ensure you have a safe abseil experience. Once you’re at the bottom, the fun part begins. The distance to the exit point is approximately one km and getting there involves a good deal of swimming through the water filled cave rooms. The final 100 meters is a climb through a dry section to the exit point. The tour will take approximately three hours to complete, and the price is US 90 per person.

Watch Our Nang Long Cave Tour Video

Click the following link to watch our Nang Long Cave Tour vid on youtube, NANG LONG CAVE VIDEO, or click HERE to see all of the Megaworld Asia Youtube channel

Getting ready to abseil down to the river, inside Nang Long Cave.

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