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Since 2012, when I first started this website, I’ve logged a lot of km around South East Asia; including multiple trips to Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. During that time, I’ve explored dozens of caves, hiked up volcanoes, trekked to some amazing waterfalls, and visited a number of remote historical temple sites.

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The content of the website is primarily directed at independent travelers, seeking adventure and sightseeing experiences in non-mainstream tourist areas in the South East Asian Region. To keep you informed and up-to-date I do my best to provide accurate, in-depth and current information, bolstered by professional quality photographs and, more recently, YouTube Videos.

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Developing Skills

My travels in South East Asia have given me an outlet to develop my photography, video, writing, and blogging skills. I’ve also improved physical skills such as kayaking and abseiling, and the specialized skills required for moving around safely in CAVES.

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