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I’ve written dozens of free PDF travel guides for many destinations in South East Asia. They contain lots of info to enable you to plan your trip including direct links to google maps, travel and accommodation, activities, videos, car rentals and more.

FREE Interactive PDF Travel Guides

You can download any of my Interactive PDF Travel Guides for free, just click any of the guides below, but please give me a follow or a like on any of my social media platforms to show your appreciation and follow my adventures.

Interactive Travel Guides: From early 2024 I will be offering the readership, and other independent travelers, a new type of travel guide (for a small fee) which, in keeping with the digital age, will be fully interactive. My interactive guides will enable you to open a Google Map travel route, or links to guesthouses, restaurants, cafes and motorbike rental agencies, simply by clicking on an image, or a tab.

With Megaworldasia’s Interactive Travel Guides, getting off the beaten track has never been easier. Your next adventure is just one click away.

Suitable for use with mobile phones and tablets, Megaworld Asia’s Interactive Travel Guides provide the necessary links, and in-depth info, to enable you to plan your trip with ease.

To make the most of your valuable sightseeing time, download an interactive PDF and use it as your DIGITAL TRAVEL GUIDE to plan your outings to the various sites in and around the area.

Each Interactive PDF Travel Guide includes hyper-links for:
  • Google maps
  • Agoda Direct Booking
  • Travel options using 12GOASIA
  • Primary sightseeing attractions
  • Routes and distances from central points to sightseeing attractions
  • Great value for money accommodation options (mid-range and budget)
  • Recommended tour operators
  • Recommended car and motorbike rental outlets
  • Recommended restaurants/eateries
  • YouTube highlights videos

Myanmar – The Land of Buddhist Temples

Getting Off the Beaten Track

It’s an opportunity to get off the beaten track of the tourist beaches and air-conditioned restaurants, that so many seem to hardly move beyond, and get to some of the more remote, and interesting, locations of this varied and diverse landscape. And the fact is getting off the beaten track isn’t all that difficult, if you’ve got access to the right information and plan things correctly.